Pulau Sapi 沙比岛

Pulau Sapi is the second smallest island after Pulau Mamutik in the Marine Park.It is the tiny sister island to Pulau Gaya,located across a clam 100 meter inlet at its western section facing southwards.A speed boat ride from a distance,the intersting villages and lush hilly forests of Pulau Gaya.

This 25-hectare island has a moderately-sized beach at its east,nestled within a gentle bay formed by the jetty and sand on one side and a section of rocks,the other.Smaller beaches liehidden behind the forests at the southren and northen side of Pulau Sapi,accessible via marked jungle trails from the main beach area.

Upon arrival at the jetty,visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the natural serenity of Pulau Sapi compared to Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik,even on busy days.Walking along the beach or under the cool of trees,there seems to be an inherent feeling of still and quietness infused within the environment of Pulau Sapi,no matter just how many strange people linger around.


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