Polo Bun 菠萝包

Available during: Lunch and late afternoon

Description: Also known as “Pineapple bun” in certain places. The soft-cottony texture inside and sweet-crunchy exterior is what makes these polo buns so tasty and addictive to eat.

Although the pastry is known as “pineapple bun”, the traditional version contains no pineapple. The name “pineapple bun” actually originated from the fact that its sugary top crust is cooked to a golden-brown color, and because its checkered top resembles the epicarp of a pineapple.

Best served fresh from oven.You can also try Char Siew Bun.

Kedai Kopi 33 麵包專門店
Shoplot 9, Ground floor, Lorong Bernam 3,
Taman Soon Kiong Phase 288300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.



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