Lok Kawi Wildlife Park 洛高宜野生动物园 + Klias WetLand 克里亚斯湿地

9.00am – Pick up from hotel and transfer to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park 洛高宜野生动物园

Jungle Journeys(feeding time)                     Elephant Ride                                    Wild Borneo Show

10:00 am – Hornbills                                    10:00 am – 11:00 am                                  11:15 am
10:10 am – Sumatran Rhinoceros                   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm                                    3:30 pm
10:20 am – Borneo Elephants
2:00 pm – Malayan Sun Bear                          Venue: Children Zoo
2:05 pm – Tiger                                             Price: RM 5 / person / ride
2:15 pm – Orang Utan
2:25 pm – Otter & Gibbon
2:35 pm – Proboscis Monkey

2.00pm – For the one and a half hour drive to the Klias Wetland 克里亚斯湿地. Upon arrival at the jetty, welcome drinks will be served consisting of coffee or tea and locally made kuih.

4.30pm – Commence your river cruise in search of the proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. After about 01 hour crusing, return to the jetty for your traditional Malay dinner. As dusk sets in and after dinner, go back for boat cruise to observe the spectacular display of lights by the fireflies.

8.00pm – Drive back to Kota Kinabalu city hotel.

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