Kinabalu National Park 神山国家公园

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain is Southeast Asia.It is located in Kinabalu National Park state of Sabah,which is on the island of Borneo in the tropics.It is the 4th tallest mountain in the Malay Archipelago after Indonesian Papua’s Puncak Jaya,Puncak Trikora and Puncak Mandala.

In 1997, a re-survey using satellite technology established its summit(Know as Low’ Peak)height at 4,095 metres(13,435ft)above sea level,which is some 6 metres(20ft)less than the previously thought and hitherto published figure of 4,101 metres(13,455ft) .

The mountain and its surroundings are among the most important biological sites in the world,with over 600 species identified.Among them are the gigantic Rafflesia Plants and the Orang Utan.Mount Kinabalu has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage status.

The main peak of the mountain(Low’s Peak)can be climbed quite easily by a person in peak physical condition.If not fir enough,though,the climb can be very hard despite there being no need for mountaineering equipment at any point on the main route.Other peaks along the massif,however,require rock climbing skills.


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