Kelapa Bakar and Lokan Panggang 烤椰子和烤蚌

You must try Kelapa Bakar or “roasted coconuts” and Lokan Panggang or roasted clam at Kampung Salut (about 25 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu by using the Sulaman highway) When reached that area, there were actually many wooden stalls at both side of the road .

There are 3 ways of drinking and eating coconuts; the usual refreshing coconut drinks which you and I are accustomed to, kelapa bakar (roasted coconut) and coconut pudding. Interestingly, the coconuts are roasted with wood fire for an hour.Then the burnt husk is cut off and ready to serve.It tastes like chinese corn soup or fermented coconut juice. It is really an acquired taste and not everybody can accept the taste.Coconut pudding is quite common in seafood restaurant served as dessert. It is best served chilled. The smooth and cooling texture with a hint of coconut taste is to die for.

Besides coconut, they also sell
The freshly grilled clam or lokan panggang tastes appetizing especially with its sauce which is not spicy and a bit sour.


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